Hello world!

So this is my first ever blog post. I thought I’d start out by telling you why I decided to study with the Open University, rather than following the more traditional route of running away to study in a faraway place. Last year, when I was finishing my A-levels and appling to Universities I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I managed to talk myself into applying to study Psychology, but the time I realised I’d rather shove a rusty screwdriver through my ear than do that, it was too late to change my mind. After hyperventilating for about 3 weeks, I started discussing my porblem with the family. My aunt suggested that I look into the OU, as she had had a great experience doing her second degree that way. I wasn’t completely convinced at the time, but I read around, and talked the ears of many a friend and family member. In the end it was my grandad that tipped the scale, I found out that hundreds of years ago (in the 1970s) he did his degree with the Open University. Before he told me this I sort of had the preconception that getting an OU degree wouldn’t be as good as with a “proper” University. He showed me a couple of articles that put OU study on a level with Cambridge and Oxford, which I have to admit, made me much more open to the idea. After reading about a thousand course descriptions I finally settled on AA100 (The Arts Past and Present), as it seemed to contain a little bit of everything that I love. I was completely convinced that I had made the right decision when I got my books delivered in September. It hasn’t been plain sailing, but I’ve loved every moment so far, and I hope that now you guys can enjoy it with me.

Ciao, Darragh


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