Saturday Tutorials

For one of my modules (A150-Voices and Texts) all the tutorials were on a Saturday. Last Saturday was my third and final tutorial for this module, that’s not many, but it is only a 30 pointer. In my opinion, we should have had more, 6 hours of face-to-face time just doesn’t seem enough to go through the sheer amount we’ve had to study. This course is comprised of a number of different academic disciplines, although this make things interesting, it can also be quite challenging at times.

This tutorial was held at Leicester University, about half an hours train ride from where I live. At the moment I’m doing two modules- A150 and AA100, it’s quite a balancing act to keep up to date on both, and more often than not, I fail! I ended up using the train journey to do some furious reading of the chapter I hadn’t got around to… Finding the tutorial spot was a bit of a nightmare, wandering around a city the size of a small country in the wind and rain, with no map… let’s just say it took a long while and a great deal of panic before I could find where I was supposed to be.

Once I (finally) got there, the tutorial was pretty good. I was a bit of a lone wolf, the sole hater of “Hard Times”, everybody else raved about how hilarious it was…. Despite me not really enjoying the book, I’ve decided to do the Literature option for Assignment 3. Bouncing around ideas with the rest of the group reminded me how much I love analysing and picking apart literary texts. The fact that I disliked “Hard Times” should just give me more to say!

I definitely came out of the tutorial feeling much more optimistic about our next assignment. I think it always helps to hear that everybody else has worries, just like you. I won’t get to see most of the people from the tutor group again, as only a couple of them have the exam in the same place I do, it’s kind of sad… I got along with some of them really well, but we’re from all over the country. I think that’s a good thing about the OU, you get to meet such different people from such different places.

One thing about the Leicester tutorials that I’m glad to leave behind? The football fans. Every single time I’ve been, there’s been a big match, and there’s nothing quite as confusing as getting lost in a ridiculous crowd of chanting men while trying to navigate a strange city.

So that’s all for now, not a riveting blog post, I know. But this is one of the day-to-day experiences of studying with the Open University, so I thought it should get a mention…

Ciao, Darragh


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