Just another tuesday afternoon…

So I haven’t posted in while. I finally finished my assignment on the art of Benin… I have to admit, I’m a little surprised that I did. I had 74 words the night before it was due, 926 to go. I’ll admit I was feeling a tad pressured (understatement of the century) and I really started to worry that I wouldn’t be able to meet the deadline. I’ve never had that experience before- I’ve always been one of those slightly annoying people who hands work in a week before its due… well, not this time! Studying with OU is great, I love it, I love the freedom it gives me. But sometimes, I wish it was a little more structured, I wish there was someone to push me occasionally. I know that taking charge of my own life is part of being a grown up, and usually that’s fine, but sometimes I’d love to just crawl under my duvet and have somebody tell me what to do! This is why I think having supportive friends and family are vital when studying from home… for example, the other night, when I was having a Benin-related meltdown, my auntie sat down with me and helped me map out the essay. Just having someone there to bounce ideas off, and make you cups of tea when you’re panicking really does help. I know this is a short one, but I really need to get some work done- I wouldn’t want to have another freak out with my next assignment!

Ciao, Darragh


2 thoughts on “Just another tuesday afternoon…

  1. Hi there. Just thought I would drop you a line. Having a bit of a panic myself about the Benin part. I had to request an extension of time as I have been very ill – just coming out the other side of it now. I have done the first part of the Assignment with the plaque but am now stumped by the second part and it has to be in by tomorrow night! I feel it will be nose to the grindstone for tonight and tomorrow night and the tutor may just receive it by midnight on Friday. Any helpful tips would be most appreciated as my partner is a maths whizz and has no interest in history etc., and other than that I have the kids who, whilst very nice, are no help at all and just want me to help them with their homework.

    I hope yours went well.

    Kind regards


    • It was an insane assignment! I basically scanned the chapters again, and made a list of all the points I needed to include to answer the question. As there was so much info to cram in, the word count sort of just took care of itself. I don’t usually plan my essays, but I did in this case, and it actually helped (although I hate to admit it!). I’m probably being no help, but good luck!

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