A World of Difference

This collection of short stories is one of the set books for AA100. It’s probably the first time I’ve read a short story since my childhood book of fairy tales. I found it quite refreshing to be honest. The beauty of the short story is, if it’s naff, you always know there isn’t much left to read! Another positive is you get a taste of authors and styles that you may not usually be attracted to. This book consists of stories from across the globe, and because of this diversity there were some parts that I loved, and some that I really didn’t. One of my favourites from the anthology was ‘Bella Makes Life’ by Lorna Goodison. I was actually surprised that I enjoyed it so much, as it’s not written in a sort of broken English. Normally it would put me off, but I think due to its length, it didn’t take too much effort to read. There were other stories that I enjoyed while reading them, such as ‘Martha, Martha’ by Zadie Smith. I really started to get into it when it abruptly ended, this is an example of a short story that I would have preferred as a novel. Being quite mysterious, I really wanted to read more, but unfortunately I will just have to let my imagination figure out an ending! I could honestly say that I was interested in reading all of the stories in this book, and all of the styles of writing were so different, it was interesting being able to compare them. However, there were a number of subject matters that completely put me off, for example in ‘Pit Strike’ by Alan Sillitoe. The gritty themes were just not my cup of teas, but I suppose that’s just something I have to come to terms with…. I’m a girl who likes a happy ending! Anyhow, I have much work to do…

Ciao, Darragh


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