Dickens Assignment

So the day has finally come that I need to revisit ‘Hard Times’. This assignment is the longest I’ve had so far, 1500 words for Part 1. I had the insane caffeine-fuelled panic that I always do, but on friday I just sat down and hammered out my first draft. 1452 words. I was quite pleased with myself, it would normally take me way, way, way longer to write so much. I have to say, the more I wrote, the more ‘Hard Times grew on me. I’ve ended up with a sort of appreciation for the obnoxious characters, at the very least they gave me a lot to write about! I have four days left before it’s due in, and all I have left to do is make my bibliography all neat and tidy, and double-check I’ve done my referencing right… hopefully that won’t take me too long. Oh, and I also have to write Part 2, but as the word limit is 250, it should be fairly quick. It’s another reflective commentary, this time on how studying historical context has influenced my understanding of ‘Hard Times’. I really do not like writing these reflective bits, I just find it really pointless, I don’t really get anything of it. And also, it’s never quite clear what they want us to write about. With A150 there has been a reflective commentary in each assignment, so you’d think I would have it down by now…. not the case! Ok, I think I need to just grit my teeth, finish up, and send off my assignment, so for now that’s all.



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