Finding the time.

So Yesterday I started the training for my new job. I’ve had it pretty easy up til now, I’ve had all the time in the world to devote to my OU stuff. That’s about to change… At the moment I’m not tooo stressed about it, when I new I’d got this job, I sort of had a bit of a mad dash of doing as much work as possible so that I would struggle later on. It seems to have worked so far! I submitted my dreaded Dickens assignment a week early (it was actually due in today), which can only be a good sign. This past year seems to have gone so incredibly fast… it seems like no time at all ago I was writing pro/con lists, trying to decide which modules to study! I barely have any assignments left, and despite all my grumblings I think I might actually miss them! You get a certain amount of satisfaction from creating a fabulous essay on a not-too-riveting topic… So my next step is to write my Antigone essay for AA100. This is another longish one, 1500 words. I’ll keep you posted on my progress with that bad boy, and no doubt I’ll be having a little rant about not being able to find the time soon enough! Bye for now!


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