Assignment numero 6 (and 7)

So I thought I wasn’t going to manage this one. What with the new job and everything, stuff was getting crazy-I ended up having to ask for an extension. I was just lucky that I had my little holiday in Wales, I could spend the rainy afternoons typing away. Bizarrely enough, I ended up getting my highest mark so far! Of course, the moment I submitted my Burial at Thebes assignment, I started panicking about the next one, lets just say thank god for 4 day weekends! I went on a bit of a manic-hermit-lady bender and wrote it all in one go. So I submitted it yesterday, and I’m just so glad to have it out of the way!! All I have left to do until the end of my first year with the Open University is one more assignment, and then one exam. I think that’s quite a manageable amount really, and to be honest, I’ll probably be quite sad to see it all end! Anyhow, I should probably get to work about now, so more later!


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