The End

So I just submitted my end of module assignment, and I’m finding it quite strange that that’s my first year with the OU over and done with. Now I just need to kill time util October, and the real work begins… I’ve registered on two level two modules (brave or what!)- A215 and A230. Although I have months before I start, I’m going to try and keep this blog going, I know that I probably won’t have anything interesting to say, but you can follow my journey of preparation. Even if I do nothing else this summer, I’m going to read the books I need for my Literature module. I just want to say good luck to everybody whose term is coming to an end, I hope you all get the grades you’ve been hoping for, and I hope you’ll all come back and have a blast next year.



This year seems to have gone so fast! I can hardly believe that this is my last assignment, I’m going to miss AA100! So this is our longest assignment so far, we have 2,000 words for this one, and the choice of three questions:

1. Why and how has human endeavour been directed to maintaining sacred places? Illustrate your answer with two or three examples drawn from the study materials.

2. How might a seaside resort in 1870 be expected to differ from the same resort in 1930? What accounts for the changes?

3. In what ways have works of art, music, film or photography relating to the seaside presented it as a place of harmony and in what ways have they presented it as a place of conflict? Discuss with reference to no more than four examples. Your examples should include at least two different media.

I’ve decided to do the third option, it was the one that jumped out at me straight away. I think it will be the most interesting, and it will definitely give me the chance to be creative. I think I’m going to use two photographs and two paintings as my examples, I’m just in the process of picking which ones! That’s one problem I’ve encountered so far, there are so many great paintings and photos included in the course materials, its hard to choose which ones to use!

Overall, I’m not too panicked (yet). I have about two weeks to make it really great, and I’m feeling surprisingly optimistic this morning… No doubt that will change when I get stuck into it, but I’m remaining hopeful… I’ll keep you updated!

First OU Exam

So last Friday I had my first exam with the Open University (A150). Unfortunately I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked because of being ill, but I did my best. I did spend the whole time being that person that everybody hates- the cougher. There always seems to be one, in every exam, that starts everybody else off too…

The first question was the same as our wiki assignment, we had to choose a text and discuss how it had authority. I chose the Classics option, so I had to base my answer on a section of the Iliad. I think this was the question that I was most confident with (probably because this was the section I’d revised before I was struck down with the lurgy!).

The second question was a choice between English Lang. and Creative Writing. I chose Creative Writing. We had to create 2 dialogues between 2 people, both with the same topic, and then we had to do a reflective commentary, describing the differences we had tried to create. On the surface this wasn’t difficult at all, but they seem to mark quite harshly on this topic, or at least they did in Assignment 2.

The third and final question was a choice between History and English Lit. I chose the English one. We were given an extract from Hard Times and then had to discuss how the tone and language show the narrator’s attitude towards ‘Gradgrindery’. Again, not overly difficult. But by this point I was practically drooling on my exam paper. I really, really tried to do my best, and I think I had a pretty good answer worked out in my head, but as it happens my essay looked more like a word search… I think I sort of lost all remaining coherence at that point and just slapped all my words randomly onto a page.

On the bright side, I only need 40% to pass, obviously I would love to get a higher mark than that but all I need is a pass. Fingers crossed!

Sick Days.

So I have a killer chest infection at the moment. Despite this I went to my Saturday Day School last week (and got lost in Derby while I was at it). It was the third and final one for AA100, and I have to say I found it quite disappointing. In all of the other ones, we have had an overload of sessions, but this time, we just didn’t seem to have enough, especially considering that we have the end of module assignment looming… On the bright side, it did help me to narrow down which question I would be attacking (option 3, if anyone’s interested).

Depressingly enough, I was in bed ill for the whole bank holiday weekend, no fun in the sun for me! This has also thrown a spanner in the works, I have my A150 exam tomorrow, and have been pretty much incapable of revision. I’m doing my best, but I’m just a bit too ill to do anything substantial. My method has just been rereading the chapter for half an hour at a time (believe it or not, I’ve actually had to build myself up to that, on Monday I could only cope with 5 minutes at a time). I’ve also been unable to look at a computer screen (hence my lack of blogging), so sorry about that.

I should go and take my tablets now, but wish me luck for tomorrow, I’ll definitely need it!