First OU Exam

So last Friday I had my first exam with the Open University (A150). Unfortunately I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked because of being ill, but I did my best. I did spend the whole time being that person that everybody hates- the cougher. There always seems to be one, in every exam, that starts everybody else off too…

The first question was the same as our wiki assignment, we had to choose a text and discuss how it had authority. I chose the Classics option, so I had to base my answer on a section of the Iliad. I think this was the question that I was most confident with (probably because this was the section I’d revised before I was struck down with the lurgy!).

The second question was a choice between English Lang. and Creative Writing. I chose Creative Writing. We had to create 2 dialogues between 2 people, both with the same topic, and then we had to do a reflective commentary, describing the differences we had tried to create. On the surface this wasn’t difficult at all, but they seem to mark quite harshly on this topic, or at least they did in Assignment 2.

The third and final question was a choice between History and English Lit. I chose the English one. We were given an extract from Hard Times and then had to discuss how the tone and language show the narrator’s attitude towards ‘Gradgrindery’. Again, not overly difficult. But by this point I was practically drooling on my exam paper. I really, really tried to do my best, and I think I had a pretty good answer worked out in my head, but as it happens my essay looked more like a word search… I think I sort of lost all remaining coherence at that point and just slapped all my words randomly onto a page.

On the bright side, I only need 40% to pass, obviously I would love to get a higher mark than that but all I need is a pass. Fingers crossed!


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