This year seems to have gone so fast! I can hardly believe that this is my last assignment, I’m going to miss AA100! So this is our longest assignment so far, we have 2,000 words for this one, and the choice of three questions:

1. Why and how has human endeavour been directed to maintaining sacred places? Illustrate your answer with two or three examples drawn from the study materials.

2. How might a seaside resort in 1870 be expected to differ from the same resort in 1930? What accounts for the changes?

3. In what ways have works of art, music, film or photography relating to the seaside presented it as a place of harmony and in what ways have they presented it as a place of conflict? Discuss with reference to no more than four examples. Your examples should include at least two different media.

I’ve decided to do the third option, it was the one that jumped out at me straight away. I think it will be the most interesting, and it will definitely give me the chance to be creative. I think I’m going to use two photographs and two paintings as my examples, I’m just in the process of picking which ones! That’s one problem I’ve encountered so far, there are so many great paintings and photos included in the course materials, its hard to choose which ones to use!

Overall, I’m not too panicked (yet). I have about two weeks to make it really great, and I’m feeling surprisingly optimistic this morning… No doubt that will change when I get stuck into it, but I’m remaining hopeful… I’ll keep you updated!


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