Art Journals

When I was school I used to love art. I loved art so much that I went on to study it at A level. Unfortunately that was where the fun stopped. There is nothing worse than spending weeks creating something and then have it judged mercilessly… and this made me stop loving art for quite a while, I just didn’t want to have to face that kind of judgement again. Ever.

It was around March this year when I discovered art journaling. What is art journaling I hear you ask? It’s doing whatever you want, it is utter freedom within a book, it’s somewhere you can experiment and play around and try new techniques. There is a surprisingly vast amount of art journal websites, and I had hours of fun perusing a few.

It didn’t take long for me to start an art journal of my own. I have now finished one and started on my second, now I wouldn’t call them “art”, I wouldn’t even call them “good”, but they were so much fun! Maybe if I feel brave enough I might share a couple of pages with you one day…


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