Eat, Pray, Love

Well hello my pretties. I’m feeling in a particularly good mood after work today so I thought I’d write about a book I finished this week.

Eat, Pray, Love is a sort of memoir-y book by Elizabeth Gilbert chronicling her post-divorce quest for self discovery. I found it really easy to read as the book is divided into three parts (which are, shockingly, called “Eat”, “Pray” and “Love”), and then each of those parts is divided into 36 chapters. Reading this book gave me the sensation of crossing things off a to-do list.

After reading the first three chapters I felt completely inspired to learn a language. It was a completely random feeling that seemed to just spring out of the blue… after 3 more I felt completely inspired to go to Argentina (don’t ask me why, Argentina features nowhere in this book). I think reading somebody’s life story made me realise that I could one day just go out and do those things I dreamt about as a kid. If you’re a bit of a dreamer, I would definitely recommend this book to you.

The part that I struggled most with was probably the “Pray” section, I think this is partly because I am not a religious person, I would never describe myself as having faith in anything. So I think that I just found it difficult to empathise with her in that part. I did find it interesting though, as the only religion I know a lot about is Christianity, and that’s more just because I grew up around it.

If you’re not the kind of person who reads a lot, I would recommend you at least see the film. Julia Roberts really brings Elizabeth to life. And it really is a beautiful story.


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