Dear John

I read one chapter of this book on Tuesday before work, and I was finished by ten o’clock Tuesday night. It seems like an understatement to say that I loved it.

I have never read anything by Nicholas Sparks before, but I think this has sparked the start of a lifelong love affair. I’m hunting down some more of his this afternoon when I hit the shops…

I think this is the first time that I’ve felt like I was actually falling in love with the hero while reading a book- and I am in no way exaggerating! He is quite literally the image of male perfection in my opinion… Yum!

Now I wouldn’t want to spoil the story (because you all WILL be reading it at some point, or else!) but be warned that you will be sobbing and screaming “Please live happily ever after” for most of the book (and if you don’t it’s because you’re dead inside).

I think it’s pretty obvious from my recent activity that I have yet to start reading any of my set books… apparently my motivation for useful reading is non-existent… but I’m going to keep trying to convince myself to read them (especially because the panic that comes with being about to start up again has reared its ugly head…). I wonder which one I should start with… suggestions?


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