Nearly here…

Well my books are here!

I’d forgotten how much I love the feeling of getting home from work to find a giant box of books on my bed… I even love the part where I get so enthusiastic about opening them that I cut my hands on that horrible plastic tape… (I’m not kidding- I do that EVERY SINGLE TIME).

I have also treated myself to some new stationery- which is without a doubt the best part of the start of a new school year… I know it’s really, really sad, but I walked around W.H.Smiths stroking notepads, just to be sure I bought paper that I would like the feel of writing on… (I’m not denying that I can be a tad ocd-ish!).

In conclusion, I’m very glad we’re starting soon (thought I better wrap this up before I get committed for my slightly manic love of all things educational…).



One thought on “Nearly here…

  1. Hello there Darragh. I’m also studying with the OU and am so grateful my books have arrived. The summer has felt long without study and although I know I shouldn’t be complaining I’m dying to get stuck in again. Good luck with your course.


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