Kill. Me. Now.

21/9/11 The day the online forums opened.

22/9/11 The day I logged on and was horrified by what I found: about a thousand people had already posted things telling the world how extra prepared they are and how they’ve all been published. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little but that was the general gist. So this sense of impending doom was already lurking around my mind before I downloaded my assignment booklet… which filled me an overwhelming desire to curl up in a ball and eat a whole packet of Snowballs.

24/9/11 The day I decided to take a chill pill, and the day I realised that there is no reason for me to compare myself to everyone else.

My point is, that although the online forums are essentially a good thing, they can be very overwhelming to start with. And I should have been expecting it seeing as this is my second year…. So to all you tense, terrified, daunted OU-ers out there, stay strong, it gets better! And remember, you’re not the only ones feeling freaked out!



2 thoughts on “Kill. Me. Now.

  1. I am loving reading your posts on the A230 course, as I have just registered to do it as a standalone module in preparation for a Masters in a couple of years time. I’m looking forward to it, but am extremely nervous at the same time!! Your posts are honest, and I just know that I will be identifying with them when my course starts!

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