Happy New Year!

So Happy New Year to one and all. Let me start out by saying my New Year’s Resolution is to write a blog post every week. Let’s just see how long it takes me to break that one…

I definitely underestimated how draining it was going to be doing two 60 point modules while working full-time, but I feel like I finally have some sort of rhythm going on. At the moment I’m on track. Fingers crossed things will stay that way for a while.

A few days ago I submitted one of my most challenging TMAs so far…. writing a short story. The main difficulty was that we were given no limits; we could write about any topic we liked. Narrowing down a subject took me weeks; writing the actual story took me a day and a half. There’s something so completely nerve-wracking about doing a creative course, it doesn’t just feel like your work is being marked, it feels like you’re being judged! I’m at that point where every 20 minutes I log onto the OU website to see if my results have been posted yet…

My next challenge, that oh-so-dreaded-world-I-don’t-understand, is poetry. And that’s in both modules. In A230 I’m studying Romantic poetry and in A215 I’m working on creating my own poetry. I really, really don’t love poetry. Half the time I want to stand up and scream JUST SAY IT ALREADY. Anyway, I’m on a bit of a mission to change my own mind- my theory is that if I find some poetry that I like to read, writing it will be a more pleasurable experience. So any recommendations are welcome.

Good luck with all your January TMAs! x