The Woes (and Wows) of Poetry

When I was younger I loved poetry. I loved to make this rhyme, I loved to use excessive alliteration and I loved reading rude limericks. Who didn’t?! But before I started studying poetry as part of A215 (Creative Writing) I thought the fun and frivolity would disappear. Maybe my sense of dread stemmed from the fact that I don’t really read poetry anymore, and whenever I try I feel like I don’t ‘get’ it.

But here’s the bizarre thing… when we started to have a go at writing poems I actually really enjoyed it. I hadn’t really prepared myself from that! I started to feel more comfortable sharing things on the forum too; my fellow Creative Writers have been great at giving feedback.

And then TMA time arrived. I tried, I really did. And I actually thought I’d done reasonably well, which seems to be what I think every time I get my worst score ever. But I don’t think the score’s the part that bothered me this time. My tutor said that you could tell I hadn’t enjoyed poetry that much- I didn’t really know how to respond to that as it had actually turned out to be my favourite thing to write so far… (I want to stress that this is not a criticism of my tutor, she is fab. )

My dilemma is, do I continue to ‘waste my time’ and carry on doing something that I enjoy but that may never lead to anything good, or do I give up on the world of poetry and move onto something that will yield a better end result?

I would also like to add that this is not a rhetorical question, all comments are welcome!


4 thoughts on “The Woes (and Wows) of Poetry

  1. Carry on writing, it’ll make you happy and when people are a bit down, I find a quick bit of rhyming poetry (done whilst at work), always brightens up their days too.

  2. Why not do both – you still have a lifetime to enjoy writing poetry and find out all the other things you’re good at! A little bit of both will give you a “reach for the stars” feeling, I’m sure of it! 🙂

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