Life Writing, Part 1

So I’m saying goodbye to fiction and poetry and embarking onto a journey into life writing. I’m worrying a little about this topic for a number of reasons:

  • Why would anyone find my life interesting? I’ve never done anything so different or so exciting it merits writing about!
  • How honest can I really be if I want my friends and family to speak to me ever again?
  • How do I even come up with an idea of what to write about?
  • How can I avoid unturfing sensitive issues?
  • I’m 20! How much of a life have I even had?
  • What if people judge me for what I reveal about my life?

I think writing down my fears has helped calm me down a little bit. And there are things I’ve been looking forward to about life writing, such as:

  • I can use my own voice! I know this sounds like a silly one, but I find it so much more freeing writing from my own point of view; when I’m writing from the perspective of an invented character I’m never sure if I’m being entirely consistent…
  • I won’t have to do any in-depth character creation- my characters already exist!
  • I will be able to use my friends and family as a resource. Their memories will help to add more depth to whatever story I decide to tell. Also having their help will stop me from feeling like I’m swimming against the tide by myself.
  • It could be cathartic writing about my past experiences, especially if they were particularly difficult events. This could be my opportunity to flush out my negative baggage.
  • It’s something I am capable of doing; I’ve kept a diary for years and I do (kind of!) keep a blog, they’re both forms of life writing, right?

I think that as long as I focus on those positive thoughts about life writing, I might be able to keep my cool! My aim is to prevent the usual panic, and I think that this time I might have just done that… I’ll keep you posted!


One thought on “Life Writing, Part 1

  1. My experience of life on A215 is much the same as your comments. It will be life writing for me in the future, Having been through problems with stress, anxiety & depression I found the places my imagination to places I did not want to go and wasted time. However life writing about my heroes in music, politics and life in general has been a real help in getting my thoughts and joys on paper.

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