A quick Hello

I thought I’d drop you guys a line, as I feel like it’s been a while (and you’ve been leaving me some lovely comments recently). I apologise for being a bit vacant for the past few weeks but my calendar currently looks like this:

  • 26th April- A215, TMA 4
  • 3rd May- A230, TMA 5
  • 10th May- A215, TMA 5
  • 19th May- A230 Day School
  • 24th May- A230, TMA 6
  • 31st May- A215, EMA
  • 7th June- My 21st Birthday (Woo!)
  • 14th June- A230, Exam

Hence a recent lack of availability…

I can barely remember the last time I read a book (for pleasure), or watched a film, or baked a cake… So my blog writing has suffered. But I promise I’m not slipping back into my diabolical-once-in-a-blue-moon-blog-fiend ways. I’m determined to remain faithful.

And now the end of A215 and A230 are in sight, and part of me will be sad to see them go. The other part of me is feeling slightly giddy at the thought of a long summer of freedom. No doubt before long I’ll be back here scribbling down more rubbish than any of you could possibly want to read.

Good luck to all of those out there coming to the end of ‘term’. Love ya!


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