The Graduation Grinch

This week my Facebook news feed has been clogged up by smiling faces looking at me from underneath graduation caps. I know it’s not very enlightened of me, but I can’t help but feel slightly bitter… for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I don’t get to graduate with my friends from school. It’s going to be a couple of years before it’s my turn… as much as I hate to admit it I can’t keep doing the equivalent of full-time study whilst maintaining a full-time job. Not doable. I tried it this year and it nearly killed me (and that was before my hours got increased).

But mostly it’s because everyone on these photos seems to be surrounded by a gaggle of friends. More and more smiling faces, bonded over drinking games and all-nighters. And I know that when I come to the end, I won’t have any of that. I’m two years into my degree with the Open University and I haven’t made a single friend on my course. There have people I’ve got on well with during tutorials and stuff, but that’s as far as it goes. Sometimes I’d just like to have someone to complain with (or celebrate with, when my grades pleasantly surprise me).

Of course, there is an upside to getting a degree the way I’m doing it- when I’m finished I’ll have zero debts, I’ll have gained invaluable work experience and I’ll have a relatively healthy liver…

But a little human contact wouldn’t hurt.

So how do you fellow OU-ers deal with doing it alone?

D x

P.S. If you’re considering studying with the OU and reading this- don’t let me put you off. It’s a great way to go about getting a degree; I’m just having a whingey day!


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