Art Journal Every Day – Week 3

So it has been three whole weeks since I started sharing my Art Journal pages online, and so far it’s not going too badly! Here’s what I got up to this week:

This is a page that has been sitting around unfinished for aaaaaages, so I’m really glad to have it done! It sort of makes me think of ye olden times when people wore those big powdered wigs… One thing that I really like is that I didn’t need a load of supplies to do it- here is how it came about:

1. Did a block of doodling on the blank page, using a black fineliner. Rubbed a green stamp pad over the rest of the page and splashed some water over it, causing the inks to run together.

2. I cut the face out of a failed portraiting-on-tracing-paper experiment that had been covered in white acrylic paint. I then tore some circles out of old book paper and stuck them haphazardly around the page.

3. Got out my AWESOME watercolour markers added some purple swirls, outlines around the face, and a bit of journaling up top. I blurred this out with water (so my secrets remain secret!) and smudged the swirls in the same way.

4. While I was unpacking I came across a big sheet of purple tissue paper that had once been wrapped around a bunch of flowers and tore it up to make my border. I smoothed on a little bit of glue so that it would stay in place, but not too much to get rid of the fab texture.

5. I felt like the two halves needed something to unify them, so I used a star stamp dipped in white acrylic across two sides of the page. I watered down my paint a bit too much so I went around the edges in black fineliner so that the shape of the star was a bit more defined.

That’s all for now guys, I hope you enjoyed this peek into my process! x


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