Bargain Hunt!

After thinking about Car Boot Sales in yesterday’s blog post I decided that I needed to go to one… by the time I got there it was quite late in the morning, so people had already started packing up. That being said, I still managed to find some treasure:

A bunch of completely random postcards- 10p for the lot!

About 50 magazines that I’ve barely even heard of… only cost me £1 but will provide me with weeks of reading and possible years of collage materials!

Very little makes me happier than a 50p book! I love discovering new (to me) authors, and adding more diversity to my library, especially when I can do it cheap!

Two old diaries, one filled with retro black and white photos of Paris, and one with sketches of Lord of the Rings characters. A 30p addition to my burgeoning art cupboard.

Pretty AND necessary- handmade Greek coasters (at only 80p!) which will ensure I never again leave a hot cup of tea on my boyfriend’s speakers…

This is the kind of shopping I adore: finding quirky little things for home, or getting art supplies and books on the cheap. In art shops (and book shops for that matter) you can buy so many beautiful things, but I find that if I spend a fair bit on something I’ll just be too careful with it. Also, I think you’ll be introduced to so many new things if you shop at a Car Boot; I NEVER would have picked out the books I bought if I’d have gone to Waterstones!

Happy Monday everyone, don’t be too glum!

D x


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