‘Out to Lunch’ Art Challenge – Orion

(For more information, or a reminder of the ‘Out to Lunch’ rules, please click here)

This week I used this image for inspiration:

Not particularly attractive or eye-catching, I know. I decided I’d use this as the basis for my first attempt at stamp carving, here is the result:

And this is what it looks like on paper:

I like that the edges aren’t too smooth (even though that’s what I was going for when carving…)- it’s much more me. I never use immaculate lines in my art, so this will fit perfectly into my collection. Let’s be honest, it’s complete rubbish. But isn’t that what experimentation is supposed to be about? Discovering strengths and weakness? But as badly as my first attempt has gone, I’m DETERMINED to get better at the stamp-making thing…. I just might stay away from the lino for a while…

I also did a few doodles based on this shape, using black fineliner on some scraps of handmade paper:

I added a little watercolour pencil to these, and originally I was going to paint over with water, but I liked how the pencil highlighted the texture of the paper so I decided against it.

I hope you’ve had a nice arty week (or have at least been enjoying your lunch hours!)

D x


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