Art Journal Every Day – Doodles Unleashed (Week 1)

Months and months ago I signed up to Traci Bautista’s online class, but got so crazed with work, assignments and just general life stuff that I never got round to joining in… and I was slightly freaked out at the thought of sharing my art with a forum of people. But now that it’s summer I have more time on my hands (and I’m feeling braver about posting stuff online), so I thought I’d go and work through the lessons.

So this is my response to Session 1 of ‘Doodles Unleashed’:

I just had to post photos of my backgrounds- I love how these turned out. These were created by arranging a bunch of household objects onto a page, and spraying watered down paint over. The picture above is how it looked when wet, the one below shows the cool drippiness achieved by chasing paint around my page with a hairdryer.

This is the completed page, there were a thousand steps in between creating the background and finishing, but I got so carried away I forgot to take any photos! In summary it was just a lot of doodling with paint and pens.

The colours in this picture aren’t as vibrant as in the original, but I hope you like- I had so much fun playing around and making a mess!

Check out Traci’s stunning blog for information on upcoming classes/a peek at her gorgeous artwork.

D x

For more information on Art Journal Every Day, or just some creative inspiration click here.


2 thoughts on “Art Journal Every Day – Doodles Unleashed (Week 1)

  1. Looks awesome to me!! I took the workshop too & it’s amazing how much each painting/picture changes from the beginning to end! If you DO want to make yours a little brighter use a WhiteOut pen to doodle more!! The difference is so different! I do love yours the way it is though! Beautiful!

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