21 Secrets – A Last Hurrah

So it seems I’m on a bit of an artistic mission. I appear to have started to cram as much drawing, painting and general messiness into the summer as possible. Maybe it’s because I know that as soon as term-time starts up again I won’t have the luxury of time to play.

I sometimes question the route I’ve taken study-wise… when a normal person has a full-time job they use their time off to relax. The same can be said for a full-time student. But my free time from work is spent studying, and my free time from studying is spent working. It’s an exhausting cycle. I just have to keep repeating what seems to be my catchphrase… IT WILL BE WORTH IT IN THE END. And it will, I know it will.

As this summer draws to a close (I only have about a month of relaxi-time left) I’ve decided to treat myself to the ’21 Secrets’ online workshop- an Art Journalist’s playground full of awesome ideas, techniques, inspirations and stories. I can’t wait to start- it’ll be my last chance to have fun and waste time before going back to doing something ‘useful’ 24/7.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer, and watch this space for my ’21 Secrets’ exploits!

D x


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