‘Out to Lunch’ Art Challenge – Finding Fonts

(For more information, or a reminder of the ‘Out to Lunch’ rules, please click here)

As you may have seen from some of the art journal pages I’ve shared here, I like to incorporate text into my pieces. Sometimes this will be a famous quote, or a song lyric, a word I like, the title of the drawing or a bit of journalling. No matter what I write I like to experiment with different styles of lettering.

This week, this is the image that caught my eye:

And I created this little journal page, as a way of recording the fonts I’d found:

(Quoted from Jack London, available on http://www.brainyquote.com)

I also mimicked the colour combination for future reference as I quite like it, even though I never would have come up with it on my own.

Enjoy your artistic endeavours kiddies!

D x


3 thoughts on “‘Out to Lunch’ Art Challenge – Finding Fonts

  1. Love quotes and sayings and the like myself. What a great idea for seeing different fonts in a new and artful way! Thanks for sharing.

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