21 Secrets – Frolicaholic (Part 1)

As you know I’m taking part in the ‘21 Secrets’ Workshop hosted by the Dirty Footprints Studio. So this week, I thought I’d share some of my scribblings.

21 Secrets is divided into 21 mini-workshops each run by a different artist, so it’s great variety-wise. The first workshop I’ve taken part in is Frolicaholic (aka Draw Happy 2) by the wonderful Jane Davenport (check out her gorgeous blog  here).

The ideas behind Frolicaholic are:

  • You can choose to be happy.
  • ENJOY the process of drawing.
  • Stop criticizing your own work.
  • Accept your own style.
  • Develop your Frolicaholic symbology (or the images that consistently pop up into your artwork)

This seemed like a great place for me to start as I ALWAYS point out the negative aspects of my own artwork, and I sometimes forget to relish the process of creating art.

The first step was to make our own little journal. I made mine out of pastel paper because of the sherbet-y colours, but that was a mistake. Apparently pastel paper doesn’t hold ink or paint, so everything just seeps through to the other side. That’s why most of my stuff is in pencil.

So here are my first few pages, I hope you enjoy!


Text reads: A Frolicaholic is a person who untangles and expresses emotion through drawing on the positive into their journal, into the words, and into their minds. To put it simply a Frolicaholic is happy.

Text reads:  I choose to be happy. I choose to lead a life filled with love and art and music. If believing is really half the battle then my war is half over. Positivity can only make your world a shinier place. To live, to laugh and to love are all we can ask for. And these will find their way to us through our art, our experiments and our experiences.

Text (around mandala) reads: Just start your art. Make lines, make marks, make patterns, swirls, shapes, doodles and designs. Not everything you create needs to be a masterpiece – as long as you love it, who cares?


Text reads: My Frolicaholic symbols * flowers and leaves * faces with big eyes and wild hair * circles and swirls * hearts, stars and squares * words-quotes and lyrics * mandalas * russian dolls * mythical creatures * totem poles * trees

Text (in petals) reads: luck * chance * fortune * pray

I’ve really enjoyed this class, but I’m really missing my paints and other messy art supplies, so I think I’ll be making myself another Frolicaholic art journal with sturdier paper.

Enjoy your weekend everyone,

D x

P.S. Also linking up to Julie’s AJED post.






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