‘Out to Lunch’ Art Challenge – Breaking up space

(For more information, or a reminder of the ‘Out to Lunch’ rules, please click here)

Sometimes creating art can be daunting. My sketchbook pages are A3 sized, and sometimes that much blank paper fills me with dread. When this happens I often divide my page into different shapes and then just draw something inside one of these smaller chunks. It makes the whole task seem much more manageable… So this week I went on the hunt for shapes I could use to break up the miles and miles of white space in my art journal. Here is what I came up with:

I will probably use all of these examples at some point, but this time I chose the coloured tiles as my inspiration, here is what I created:

Using a black gel pen I divided my page into rough squares, I then coloured in the negative space using my AMAZING Papermania Watercolour Markers and dissolved the colour with a wet paintbrush. Because I had this ripple of colour across the page, I felt like I could get away with just using black pen for the sketching. The drawings are details from general household items combined with a bit of doodling (of course!) –  the main question is, can you tell what everything is?

Hope you’re all having a great week so far!

D x


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