“Out to Lunch” Art Challenge – Playing with skulls

(For more information, or a reminder of the ‘Out to Lunch’ rules, please click here)

This week I needed to make a birthday card for the boyfriend, but I couldn’t think of what to draw… my problem is, no matter what I do, all my artwork ends up kind of…girly. So anyway, I was wandering around trying to find a tattoo parlour (as that’s what he wants for his birthday) and I came across the following sign:

It made me think that maybe my colour palette is where I fall down- cramming the entire rainbow onto a birthday card would hardly look masculine, but if I stick to a couple of colours it could work… The thing I liked most about this sign is the reversal of conventional colour pairings (rather than having black lines and white space we have white outlines and black negative space).

So here is the finished product:

The drawing is my take on the Avenged Sevenfold logo (one of his favourite bands). I simply sketched an outline on black card using a pencil and then coloured in the negative space using a silver gel pen. I then went round each element in silver, leaving a small gap to create a more striking outline. One thing I discovered while doing ; it’s not easy to colour in large blocks of emptiness with a fine-tipped pen! My solution was to use lines and patterns to fill up the space, and I actually think it turned out rather well.

Hope you’re all having a good week so far!

D x


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