21 Secrets – Channel It Girl (Part 1)

I’ve done very little art journaling this week… I’ve spent most of my spare minutes trying to race through my set books.

I did however, make myself this little journal for the ‘Channel It’ class, another mini-workshop from 21 Secrets, this one is run by Kelly Barton, check out her blog here.


I quite like that each page is different, but it might present a bit of a challenge for me… I’m a fan of starting out with a nice white sheet of paper so this is completely out of my comfort zone!

‘How did I make it?’ I hear you ask…

Whenever I’m using stencils, stamps or spray paint, I put a huge sheet of white paper underneath my piece of work to

a)      Protect my carpet or workspace from errant drops of paint

b)      Test out any stamps that look a bit dubious

c)      Clean the paint off any stamps, stencils, brushes or fingers

And this is what I used for my pages- I simply tore it up using a plastic ruler (to get a semi-straight edge), folded the pieces in half, stabbed a few holes in the spine and stitched through them to hold it all together.

I like the random selection of colours and patterns, it’s so wonderfully haphazard it should yield some interesting experiments.

Hope you’ve all had a great week…

D x

P.S. Linking up to Art Journal Every Day over at Julie’s.


6 thoughts on “21 Secrets – Channel It Girl (Part 1)

    • Hi Annie, thanks for your comments! I’ve been terrible when it comes to 21 secrets… I’ve just dived in and watched all the videos without giving myself much time to actually relax and do some art… will try to remedy though! D x

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