Madame Bovary

Another one of my set books to be ticked off the list is Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. I’ve heard people talk about this one before, and they all described it as some deep and romantic story with a tragic ending. Guess what… THEY LIED.

It was awful. Definitely my least favourite of the set books so far, and you know what that means… I’m going to have a huge assignment based on it. I hate it when this happens… I always feel like I should love the ‘classics’… why can’t I appreciate the things that other people do?

I don’t know whether it was the cast of terrible characters (the PATHETIC Charles, INSIPID Emma or DESPICABLE Monsieur Lheureux) that put me off, or the utterly depressing plot. There was no shred of happiness anywhere… most of the tragedies I’ve read end on a somewhat optimistic note but here there was nothing.

I read it because I had to, but I would in no way recommend it. You probably think I sound harsh, but I can’t love every book I read! In fact, this one may have knocked Wuthering Heights off the top spot (of worst ever books I’ve been forced to read), which is saying something.

I’m keeping this brief, as I have no desire to keep thinking about a book that has plagued my brain for a week already. Onwards and upwards!

Feedback time! Most torturous book you’ve ever had to read for academic purposes?

D x

P.S. If anybody read Madame Bovary and adored it, let me know! I like hearing alternative perspectives (and it would probably help me generate a more well-rounded argument when it comes to that inevitable assignment!)


5 thoughts on “Madame Bovary

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