AA316: Open for Business!

Just a quick note to say my next Open University module (AA316 – the nineteenth-century novel) has officially come online. This means that (a) the forums are now open and (b) we have access to our assignment questions.

I only have good news to report (which makes me feel much more enthusiastic about the upcoming academic year). Nobody (that has commented so far) seems pretentious or hostile or particularly bad at grammar, so I think I’ll enjoy the forums much more than I did last year…

Also, the assignment questions seem pretty interesting (yay!) and (most importantly) as there are always at least two options for each TMA, I at no point have to do ANYTHING relating to Madame Bovary. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty damn chuffed about that last bit, as it is literally the only one of my set books I haven’t enjoyed so far.

All in all, things are looking good! And for those of you who have found my blog through the OU ‘Platform’ page, the start of term means you might be reading posts actually related to the Open University rather than just listening to me yammer on about art and books and general randomness!

Hope you’re all looking forward to your soon-to-be-started courses as much as I am, I’d love to hear about your OU experiences up to now!

D x


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