Dombey and Son

I genuinely can’t believe how much I enjoyed Dombey and Son! Admittedly, my only previous experience of Dickens was Hard Times (which is exactly what it says on the tin… a hard time!). So I’ve been avoiding it, dreading it and more recently, reading it.

The plot was so layered and rich; not knowing the story at all made it so intriguing! I didn’t guess what was going to happen until it actually did. It was quite dark in places, which I loved… I think this would make an AWESOME Tim Burton movie! I’m quite surprised there aren’t more dramatisations of Dombey and Son… I found it much more enjoyable than the overly-popular Oliver Twist or Nicholas Nickleby…

The characters were pure genius. Even the despicable ones were well crafted… there was nobody I found too perfect or too irritating; I either loved the character (Florence, Mr. Toots) or loved to hate the character (Carker, Cleopatra).

This book provoked all sorts of reactions in me: outrage, laughter, tears… I think the only negative thing I could say is that it ended too happily. I didn’t feel like there was a lot of justice… the meanies should have been punished no? Ok, so maybe that’s five-year-old logic, but still…

Size wise, this may be a bit ambitious for your first Dickens, but I would definitely recommend that you read it at some point. Or listen to it for free at This is a superb story- not to be missed! Possibly my favourite set book so far? (Not counting the UNBEATABLE Jane Eyre of course…)

Enjoy whatever you’re reading my pretties, I’ll be back soon with more!

D x

7 thoughts on “Dombey and Son

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