Fall Fearless and Fly : Challenge 1

In my attempts at procrastination I wander through a LOT of blogs, and on one of these I came across a great sounding art challenge hosted by Carolyn Dube and Jessica Sporn. It’s basically an art cleanse, getting you ready to approach 2013 with positivity.

This week was the first week of the challenge, and kicked off with the following prompts:

Headline Prompt – Inventing the Future (Where do you want to be 5, 10, 15 years from now? What’s holding you back? What’s propelling you forward? What do you need to do or stop doing to create your future?

Colour Prompt – Warm colours (reds, oranges, pinks, yellows)

Quote Prompt – “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” (Abraham Lincoln)

You’re allowed to pick and choose between the prompts, but I decided to be ambitious and use all three! Here’s the step-by-step of what I came up with…

(Found a page in my ‘altered encyclopedia’ art journal where I’d cleaned a warm colour off my brush. Haphazardly wrote the Abraham Lincoln quote across the spread in permanent marker)

(Blocked out most of the page with cream emulsion as I thought the text-covered paper was a bit too distracting, but I did allow the quote and the red to peep through a little)

(Using a selection of warm-coloured acrylics I just doodled over the page, letting my mind wander.)

(While the paint on the last layer was drying I tried to think of a few finishing touches for my spread, but nothing came to me… so I did what I do whenever I get stuck – I flicked through an old magazine. This usually inspires some sort of drawing, but this time I came across this black and white photo of Peggy Moffitt and I thought the sharp edges and black and white provided a perfect contrast to my messy doodles. I then added a little journaling in permanent marker, responding to the headline prompt)

This challenge was so much fun, it really allowed me to play around. I can’t wait to go and look at what everyone else has been creating for this!

D x

P.S. For more info on ‘Fall Fearless and Fly’ click on the button on the right of this page.



9 thoughts on “Fall Fearless and Fly : Challenge 1

  1. Great spread, and I like seeing the progress shots. I’ve seen a couple of people joining in on this challenge & like the sound of it. Might try & join in next time. Thanks for the information/inspiration!

  2. What a great response to the challenge. Love your use of a pre-existing background and the quote embedded underneath. The magazine picture is stunning against all your hot colors, and the journaling is visually beautiful. Thanks so much for joining us at Fall Fearless and Fly!

  3. Wasn’t this a great set of prompts for the first challenge? This is a fave color combo of mine. LOVE how you completed it with the pop of black and great image!

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