Art Journal Inspirations – Effy Wild!

One thing that I get asked about A LOT is where I find my inspiration… how do I decide what to draw? There are so many things in this world that inspire me, if I were to include all of them here this post would take me days to write…. but I will share one with you right now.

Looking at the work of other artists is one of my favourite ways to find inspiration, or learn about methods and techniques I could try. Sometimes looking at the art of others will inspire me to use a particular colour, or an unusual tool, or maybe encourage me to try to draw something I would usually. But occasionally, other artist’s will inspire a complete piece of work. Here’s an example of an art journal page I created this week:

(Materials used: acrylic paint, black Sharpie, Paintastics brush pens and Papermania gold marker)

This piece, regretfully, did not spring out of my mind spontaneously, it was inspired by the fabulous Effy Wild… check out this video:

A lot of people harp on a lot about being completely original… but if you have to force it then it’s really no fun. Sometimes trying things others have tried is a great way to get yourself out of a creative rut. So if, like me, you ever feel a bit stuck, look through pictures on Flickr or Pinterest, search for painting videos on Youtube, read a new blog or two…. OR join Effy’s amaaazing artist’s network: Wild Soul Arts.

Hope you’ve all had a great week!

D x

P.S. Effy is also hosting a GIGANTIC giveaway to celebrate the opening of Wild Soul Arts. Click here for more information.


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