Fall Fearless and Fly – Challenge 2

So it’s time for the second ‘Fall Fearless and Fly’ art cleanse prompt, here it is:

Headline Prompt: Taking a Chance: When did you take a chance or a leap of faith? How did it turn out? What did you learn?
Color Prompt: What color do you like least? Use it!
Quote Prompt: “Don’t refuse to go on an occasional wild goose chase — that’s what wild geese are for.” Anonymous

And here is what I created:

It took me a while to decide what colour I like the least… usually I would say orange, but lately I’ve been using that one quite a lot. I had a flick through some old work and found one colour seemed to be quite underused… brown. So I started off my page in brown acrylic:

I pretty much hated the results, but I forced myself to keep going. I decided to ‘take a chance’ and cover my page in sprayed paint. Usually I find drips a bit stressful, as they stop me from having any control, but here I think the purple and gold helped to break up the horrible brown mess. I also used a handmade stamp to create pattern across the page:

I did a bit of journaling underneath the top layers, but the gist of what is written can be seen in the title (which is also my response to the headline prompt). I also wrote the out the quote in brown felt tip around the edges of the spread. Because the underlying paint was a very similar shade to the marker, it has a ghostly effect… I like it (but it doesn’t really show up in photos).

I chopped in half a magazine ad I found for the DVD re-release of Casablanca (the ultimate homage to love and risk), and stuck it in with masking tape. Another ‘risk’ as you have limited control as to how neat it looks:

And here is my final page:

I’ve realised a couple of things since I started the ‘Fall Fearless and Fly’ challenge:

–       I like to be in control of my creations, but if I’m going to stick to all of the prompts, then I have to. It’s very freeing.

–       I never use images from magazines anymore! I’d forgotten the satisfaction you feel when you find a word or photo that adds the perfect finishing touch to your page.

–       Seeing the different things people create following the same guidelines is amazing. Looking through the links left on the page (link at the top) leave me feeling so inspired! In fact, I’m gonna go have a perusal now…

D x


10 thoughts on “Fall Fearless and Fly – Challenge 2

  1. This is wonderful! Such wonderful drips and lines! I agree that one of the great things is seeing how others interpret the same challenge. So glad you shared this with Fall Fearless and Fly!

  2. What a wonderful and thoughtful response to Challenge #2. I love that it led you to re-discover clippings and abandon a little control. Your interpretation is beautiful. Thanks so much for joining us.

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