Quirky Challenge: Autumn Colours

Do you remember the ‘Little Monsters’ doodle I shared a while ago? Well I linked it up to the Quirky Crafts Challenge Blog, and guess what?? I won!! I can’t believe a little drawing I did at while I was on the phone at work actually won something!

The best part is that they gave me an opportunity to be a Guest Designer for an upcoming challenge… that challenge went live on Monday. The prompt was to create ‘anything but a card’ using ‘autumn colours’.

Here’s my piece:

I was too over excited to stop in between layers and take photos, but here’s a general breakdown of what I did:

  1. I coated a [size] sheet of acrylic paper in paint, sticking to ‘autumn colours’ of oranges and pinky-reds. I then spritzed some gold paint over the surface to give it a bit of shimmer.
  2. I printed out and coloured in the Prissy Poinsetta digital stamp, designed by Robyn’s Fetish. I used the acrylic I had left over from the first step, and went over the outlines in metallic marker. These were then (painstakingly) cut out and glued to the background.
  3. Using a piece of plastic grill, I smooshed on some more acrylic paint (in a muted brown colour) using my fingers, this gave the whole thing a lot more texture… the photo doesn’t really do it justice.
  4. I knew I wanted a face in there, but I was wary about drawing straight onto the background, as I would no doubt need to do some rubbing out at some point… so I sketched my face onto a sheet of tracing paper and then transferred it onto the sheet. I must have Jane Austin on the brain because she turned out looking quite like Elizabeth Bennett. I filled in the figure using cream house paint (leaving the lips to paint free to make good use of the underlying colours), which added more texture. I started to like how sinister she was looking… must be the spirit of Halloween creeping in!
  5. I added finishing touches to her hair and face using felt-tip pens, which were then blended using a waterbrush.

Whaddya think? Please consider dropping by and taking part in this challenge!

See you soon!

D x


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