206 Bones

I love a good crime novel- especially if it’s by Kathy Reichs. I don’t care if you think I’m biased; she was the one to introduce me to the genre that fast became one of my faves. I don’t want to summarise in too much detail, as I’d probably give the ending away, but the gist is:

-Multiple deaths take place, and as a forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan has to look into these, and make links between cases that she thinks are related.
-As a favour to her in-laws, she tries to discover what happened to a friend of the family who has been missing for years.
-Her career (and life) seem to be under attack from an unknown source.

To me, Kathy Reichs is pure genius; I love her heroes, her plot, her voice… I love her villains, I love her secondary ‘pain in the bee-hind’ characters… I love that she at once explains the technical aspects of forensic anthropology while treating her readers as though they have brains (which is always appreciated, I’m sure you’ll agree).Having said all that, this one was probably my least favourite of all her books I’ve read up to now. I’m not saying it was bad; it just wasn’t quite as fabulous as some of the others, for a couple of reasons:

-I guessed who the main villain was relatively early on.
-The big dramatic scene was built up from the very first page, but seemed to be resolved a little too quickly.
-The crime that took place wasn’t quite as bizarre as usual.

HOWEVER I still couldn’t put it down, I still adore Ms Reichs and I will still be reading more of her books- I think there are two or three I haven’t managed to get hold of yet…

I would more than recommend that you read her Temperance Brennan series, but I’d suggest you read them in order (as I didn’t and I kept missing out on some of the juicy ‘relationship’ stuff). And if you’re not a book person I DEMAND you watch Bones (which is based on these books, and is one of my must-watch TV shows…. so excited for it to start again).

D x


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