Fall Fearless and Fly – Challenge 4

It’s time for the Fall Fearless and Fly Challenge! This time I decided not to use all three of these prompts:

Headline Prompt:  Security:  What makes you feel safe and secure?  What rattles your sense of security?  Where do you go for comfort and refuge?
Colour Prompt:  Cool colours (blues, greens, violets, etc.)
Quote Prompt: You can’t make a place for yourself in the sun if you keep taking refuge under the family tree.  Helen Keller
I thought I might just use the quote prompt this week, as although it’s not particularly poetic it’s relevant to me. I am, and always have been fiercely independent; as much as I love my family I like to stand on my own two feet and dance to the rhythm of my own drum.
Here is the page I created:
I didn’t have great chunks of time to devote to artwork this week, so I’ve gone for a less messy ‘doodly’ approach. And as you can see I ended up incorporating the other two prompts (although my cool colours got invaded by red and gold). The journaling squeezed between the letters of the quote and in the door of the house is a bit of word vomit based on the headline prompt (security). It’s a little bit hard to read (even for me) but it says: A thousand places to find comfort * shelter * protection * a place of warmth * both literal and metaphorical * A place to laugh * to cry * to scream * to shout * to love * to live * in pure unadulterated calm * A sense of purpose * an aim * Having someone to hear your worries * fear * pain * someone to understand the quirks that make you YOU * a hearth * a home * a cup of tea * a bear hug * a duvet * a bubble bath * and holding hands.
Hope you’ve all had a great week!
D x

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