TMA 2 – A sneeze of relief

I think we all remember my excitement at the prospect of doing this assignment; Dombey and Son was great fun to read and the essay question had so much potential… but therein lay my problems:

1. Dombey and Son was great fun to read…

So I wanted to cram in as much as humanly possible. It was horrible having to cut out some of my favourite parts of the novel that were just not relevant to the question. Also, because I tried to squeeze so much analysis in I didn’t really include enough quotes from the book (this undoubtedly affected my mark).


2. The essay question had so much potential…

Essentially I was drowning in material. I collected about seven pages of notes from the text book, the critical reader, the novel and the depths of my brain and I don’t doubt that reducing to fit the 1500 word limit led to a less than coherent essay.

As soon as I clicked on the ‘submit your assignment’ button, the panic started to set in. But, because my tutor is epic, I didn’t have to wait long to get my mark. Less than 48 hours after the deadline and it has already been marked. Now I’m just filled with relief: relief that it’s over, relief that I didn’t fail and relief that I can consume this lemsip at a leisurely pace… before I embark on TMA 3 of course!

The next question does seem like the kind of thing to strike fear in the hearts of the villagers, but I’m hoping the Saturday tutorial will shed some light.

D x


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