Art Journal Every Day – The Masks We Create

The other day I decided to have a mindless play around in my ‘Inspired by Teesha‘ journal. This is the page I ended up with:

I seem to say this a lot recently, but it was so much fun just messing about and being whimsical. I love the slightly creepy character I’ve created out of fashion models and doodles! I’ve developed a serious addiction to using correction fluid in my art journal… this border might be my favourite part of the page!

I’m really enjoying experimenting with different ‘fonts’ in my journal- I’ve never been particularly good at lettering so I definitely need the practise! The quote (‘Nothing is more real than the masks we make to show each other who we are’ – Sam Shepard) is one that caught my eye a while ago… I’ve had it on a post-it stuck to my computer monitor, and I’m glad I’ve finally found a place to use it! The scrawly text on her cape is (I’m so ashamed to admit it) some some of the lyrics to ‘Bye! Bye! Bye!’ by N*Sync. I will not be surprised if some of you decide to unfollow me after this revelation.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!
D x


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