Fall Fearless and Fly – Challenge 5

Check out the latest Fall Fearless and Fly prompts:

Headline Prompt:  Lifelong Fan:  What or who have you consistently valued or looked up to in your life?  What lessons have you learned from people you admire?
Colour Prompt:  Your favorite colour now or from childhood or both!
Quote Prompt: “Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator; but among those whom I love, I can:  all of them make me laugh.”  W.H.Auden

This time I chose to use two of the prompts, the headline and the colour.

Colour: My favourite colour as a child was purple. Every time we moved house, or I moved bedroom, I wanted a purple bedroom but my mum always said know. She kept telling me that I’d grow out of liking purple in a couple of months, but she was wrong! That battle went on for seven years…

Headline: Now, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve looked up to my Auntie more than anybody else. She just seemed to ‘get me’ more than anyone else in my family. I have learnt so, so much from her over the years (from how to paint your nails properly to the most divine cheesecake recipe), but the three things she taught me that I absolutely live by are – 1) Live life with whimsy. Who cares what anyone else says, just allow yourself to play and be silly. 2) Learn how to laugh at yourself, because otherwise it’ll hurt when other people do. Plus, it’s the first step to being completely carefree. 3) This is the biggie- let people know you. Being on guard 24/7 is only going to stop people seeing how amazing you are, so stop it!

aj page

This page was also inspired by Teesha Moore, check out the first in her art journal video series here. It was so much fun just playing around and creating something whimsical… the best part is I can take it anywhere as I didn’t need any ‘messy’ materials. As much fun as they are, they’re not practical for train journeys or office desks… My plan is to fill a whole journal with Teesha inspired pages, but we’ll see how that goes!

D x


Reading Update: November

This month I have not been so prolific with my reading habits, blame it on assignments and a lot of early mornings… I haven’t managed to read any more set books but I did manage to stick to my ‘reading for fun’ resolution with:

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

(A very bizarre hybrid of historical fiction, crime drama, sci-fi and philosophy… the literary equivalent of Dr Who one might say…)

Don’t Blink by James Patterson and Howard Roughan

(Another novel from the king of crime fiction but with a slight twist in narrative style)

I’ll be posting reviews of both of these in the upcoming weeks, as well as trying to speed read a few more books… I’m hoping to at least get through Germinal, as I’ll be studying it in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I’ll manage something a bit more fun too! My TBR target for 2012 was 41-50 and these two bring my total up to 38. Only 3 more to go! But will I manage to get it done over the crazy Christmas period? What do you think?

I promise to sit down and write a longer post at some point soon, but you know how it is at this time of year… assignments to do and presents to buy!

D x

The Help

I’d heard great things about The Help (by Kathryn Stockett) before I read it, which usually sets of alarm bells (because nothing ever seems to live up to the hype), but now that I’ve read it I’d like to say great things about it too.

In summary, I think this is one cracking book.

Set in 1960’s Mississippi, The Help gives a snapshot of the lives of a young white writer and two black maids. All three are given their own, very distinct, voice. They narrate their own stories in such a frank way that you can’t help but fall in love with them.

You could say that the plot itself, if removed from the context of an outrageously racist setting, is a little on the mundane side, but the vivid characters bring everyday events onto a whole other plain. I found the social environment in which it is set to be completely fascinating… Obviously I was somewhat aware of racial attitudes back then, but I never really considered how these attitudes affected entire communities. I thought it was very interesting to see the extremes of emotion provoked by the black maids within white households; there were instances of sheer hatred and others of profound love and loyalty.

I just love, love, loved it; it’s probably the best book I’ve read all year, and I would recommend it in a heartbeat! Not only is The Help a wonderfully written heart-warming and breaking novel, it is also educational (especially considering it’s pure fiction). If nothing else it has piqued my interest in a period of history I really know nothing about. If anyone has any recommendations of books on a similar topic, please let me know and I’ll devour them!

D x

A quick announcement…

As you know in the recent months I’ve been trying to share my artwork with all of you out there in cyberspace. The feedback I’ve received from you all has been amazing; I never imagined everyone would be so supportive! I’ve enjoyed taking part in all the art challenges and workshops I’ve come across, it has been an absolute blast! I’ve even been invited to be a member of the Design Team over at the Quirky Crafts Challenge Blog. Quirky Crafts host fortnightly challenges that I love to take part in myself (click here and here for some of my old entries), so I hope you’ll come over and have a go too! I’ll be starting in the New Year, so I’ve got some time to finish a few of the things I’m working on at the moment… but I’m very excited to make a start! For a peek at the post introducing me click here.

Now I must get back to my assignment,

D x