Life Book 2013 – Faerie Art Mother

One of the art workshops I’m going to be taking part in this year is ‘Life Book’, hosted by Tamara Laporte of It’s a one year mixed media extravaganza taught by a bunch of amazing artists from around the globe…

The first ‘warm up’ exercise was to create a fairy art mother or father, which is basically a little character surrounded by positive phrases to beat back all your insecurities.

Here is mine:

My two main insecurities at the moment are that I don’t have my own style, I just mimic other people, and that I don’t have the time to spend on my art… so my faerie art mother is saying ‘Your style will emerge with time. Don’t forget the journey is half the fun’ and ‘Stop worrying! Whatever time you can dedicate to your art is enough.’ The idea is that we’ll keep this image somewhere in our line of vision as a reminder, and if we start to doubt ourselves later on, we can add more positive affirmations.

I enjoyed creating this page, but as always I did struggle a little bit leaving my comfort zone! The whimsical little drawing is pretty much the opposite of what I usually do, but I like the ‘carefree’ approach that simple figures offer.

I can’t wait to get started on my next ‘Life Book’ piece, I’ll keep you posted!

D x

P.S. Although the art workshop I took part in last year (21 Secrets) is officially over, I will keep sharing all the artwork I did over the next few months.


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