The Journey Ahead

This Life Book lesson was all about looking ahead and acknowledging your goals while remembering all those things you’re already blessed with. Here is the page I created:


On top of my watercolour background I used a selection of pens, pencils and collage pieces to create each element of my page. My transport of choice was the flying carpet (the only way for a girl to travel) and the figure was made of a photo of me stuck onto the body of a magazine body. This is something I NEVER do in my artwork: using photos of myself. To stop it from looking too much like me I covered the whole thing in correction fluid and embellished with different pens and markers. The only bits I left untouched were the shoes and the lips.

The clouds were doodled using Tipex and silver gel pen and they contain my ‘goals’ for the year. Although they’re not really goals, more like things I’d like to incorporate into my life:
– time for creativity
– arty friends
– a signature style
– a home of my own

And the flowers (made of handpainted collage paper, dimensional paint and pencil crayons) contain the ‘blessings’ I already have in my life:
– love
– bravery
– freedom
– integrity
– hope
– art
– intelligence

Each element of the page looked far too isolated, so I added an all-encompassing sun to unit each of the images (and this could also be something more symbolic if you wanted it too, but for me it just makes the page stick together more). I really enjoyed the process of creating this spread, despite it being a far cry from what I would usually do AND having a very ‘un-me’ colour palette.

I think the lesson learned from doing an exercise like this is that it’s ok to be a planner and look forward, but just don’t forget all the things you already have.

So… what do you think?

D x


4 thoughts on “The Journey Ahead

  1. Hi Daire, I think your Life Book Journey page is wonderful! The Magic Carpet ride is fun! You really put a lot of thought into it. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. What a beautiful page Daire! Your girl looks so very happy on her flying carpet. I love your last sentence,so true. Thank you ofr reminding me.

  3. I appreciate how you broke down the steps and really gave a lot of detail about your process for creating this page. Your tips about how you created the girl (you) were really helpful and this technique is a great idea.

    • Thank you! It really was just a complete experiment, but sometimes those are the things that end up giving you some great ideas! I’m glad you enjoyed the post x

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