Dead until Dark

Dead until Dark

Dead until Dark by Charlaine Harris is the first book I read this year. If I’m honest, I’ve been putting off reading this particular book for quite a while. Why? Because I love True Blood… so I knew that the book would either be total rubbish and kill the TV show for me, or be so amazing that the TV show couldn’t live up to it.

Luckily for my viewing habits, I was wrong on both counts. It was nice, easy reading… a bit of a break from all the looong Victorian novels I’ve been working on. I wouldn’t describe it as the most spectacular prose I’ve ever encountered but I still found it enjoyable.

The thing that appealed to me about True Blood is that you don’t get that typical sappy ‘doomed love’ story, it’s much grittier. I was hoping that this aspect would be reflected a little more in the book, but it was still darker than a lot of the vampirey drivel flooding the market nowadays. One thing I did appreciate is that the characters and events have been adapted exactly to the TV show, which seems to be quite rare with books that hit the silver screen…

I have the rest of this series on my kindle, so I’ll probably read them at some point… maybe when I’ve got a bit more of that pesky academic reading out the way…

D x

P.S. I’ve recently signed up with goodreads in order to keep track of my TBR pile/current reading goals – check out my progress on the right hand side of this page.


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