Quirky Crafts – Rainbow Bright

It’s time for the latest Quirky Crafts Challenge. This week the theme is rainbow colours. As you may have noticed, I love colour… so this was a great opportunity to cram every colour into one piece!

One thing that I promised myself I’d do, as part of the Quirky Crafts Design Team, is to think outside the box with regards to what I make. Rather than creating things like cards and tags (which the rest of the team are truly excellent at) I try to be a little more random. This is purely because I have perfectionism issues, I constantly compare my art to other people’s and the only way I can avoid this is to do something noone else would. So for this challenge I decided to make a big check list for my whimsical reading challenge using the ‘I’m so busy’ and ‘Stained Glass Snail’ digi stamps from Stitchy Bear.

Without further procrastination, here it is:


What do you think? Rainbow coloured enough? I’ll be back later in the week with a ‘step-by-step’ of how I made this poster!

Don’t forget to hop over and take part in this most recent QC Challenge.

D x


3 thoughts on “Quirky Crafts – Rainbow Bright

  1. This is amazing Daire, I captured the photo from here to put on Quirky instead of the cropped one, hope that is ok, I deleted the one you emailed me or I would have uploaded that!

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