Whimsical Checklist

As promised, here’s the step-by-step instructions for my whimsical reading checklist:

1, created for the Quirky Crafts ‘Rainbow Bright’ challenge. Find a surface any surface. I used a piece of brown paper that was inside a roll of wrapping paper.

2. Cover in paint. I dripped some magenta and some metallic red acrylic on my paper, then spread over with a foam brush:


3. Add collage elements. You could use anything from photos, to images from magazines to your own drawings. I used images that I’d stamped on separate sheets of paper with acrylic paint and the ‘I’m so busy’ digital stamp from Stitchy Bear (which I coloured with Prismacolor pencils):


4. Add doodles to bring all the elements together. I added patterns using acrylic paint, and then added outlines with a black gel pen. Bear in mind that a gel pen on top of such a shiny surface will not give you a constant line, but I was going for a ‘sketchy’ look, so that was fine with me:


5. Add your list! I used the ‘stained glass snail’ digital stamp from Stitchy Bear, mounted on black paper, for the bullet points and then correction pen for the scrawling:


6. The final touches – add any extra doodles you fancy. I simply outlined my lettering with a cd marker so that it would pop off the multicoloured background:


I’m hoping that having this on my wall for the next year will keep me motivated with the reading challenge… as sometimes I start of very enthusiastically but get bored quick… so tell me, how do you keep yourself motivated?

D x


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