Inky Doodles – Background Layers

One of the workshops I’m participating in this month is ‘Inky Doodles’ by Michelle Houghton. It’s fun, it’s whimsical and it’s very low pressure… very much more focussed on having fun than creating ‘real art’.

The first lesson was all about creating interesting backgrounds using a variety of simple mixed media techniques. From 5 sheets of A3 paper I’ve made 20 backgrounds that will later be bound in a journal:

DSCN1347 DSCN1342 DSCN1337 DSCN1332 DSCN1330 DSCN1336 DSCN1341 DSCN1346 DSCN1345 DSCN1335 DSCN1329 DSCN1328 DSCN1334 DSCN1339 DSCN1344 DSCN1343 DSCN1338 DSCN1333DSCN1327

I can’t wait to get doodling!
D x


3 thoughts on “Inky Doodles – Background Layers

  1. These look amazing, I am so glad you are enjoying. It looks like you are having a great time 🙂 This is going to be one beautiful journal!

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