Scales of Light

The next Life Book mini-lesson was taught by Dion Dior (check out her blog here). The exercise involved using white media on a black sheet of paper to create shading around the shape of your hand (and then maybe add a few doodles). Simple. Fun. Here is mine:


I didn’t have any black paper to hand and yet I wanted to get started, so I had to improvise. Using a handmade printing plate I stamped black india ink across my page before covering in a dark wash. I traced around two hands; one belonging to me and the other to my boyfriend. I used a white Prismacolor pencil to do the rest, the doodles were informed by the shapes created by the stamps.

I quite enjoyed creating this page… I could colour in mindlessly without having to pay too much attention… it’s nice to be able to do that occasionally!

Hope you’ve all had a great week!

D x


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