Game Board Journal Page

Hi everyone,

I’m a day late with my art journal but after it took me two and a half hours to do a forty minute journey last night, I really just needed to vegetate for a while!

This page was based on another Life Book lesson (this time by Kelly Hoernig) and the idea was that we’d create a game board in our art journal including a game piece and game cards. These were to be based on our ‘word’ for the year, but as I don’t think I could pick one word to represent a whole year, I ignored that rule. I used a black and a white pen to add text to the squares (black to represent the obstacles I face, white to show the things that motivate me or phrases to spur me on).

Here is my page:


I didn’t follow all of Kelly’s steps, I let my muse run free with the ideas and techniques she showed us.

I made the cards out of old train tickets, decorated with scraps of paper, acrylic paint and a couple of markers:


This page does not look like something I’d usually create, but I actually quite like it, especially the cards (and now I have a use for that bundle of old tickets stashed in my purse…).

I hope you all have a wonderfully creative weekend!

D x


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